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We take pride in being a pioneer property development establishment in Sri Lanka. As we are a ONE STOP SHOP for all your construction related matters, TRUTHFULNESS and TRANSPARENCY are our top most priorities when coordinating with clients. We provide our clients with complete knowledge of the design, engineering as well as variant construction methodologies to ensure they make both economical as well as logical decisions. Our approach to building your dream construction comes with responsibility and well as integrity thus eliminating the possibility of leading to disastrous short comings because of the short sightedness one may have due to lack of knowledge.

Why Us

More than 2 decades of history

Unbeatable team with prodigious collective experience

Integrity and transparency

Our Services

Our company has a 20 year established credible history and a team of well experienced and talented; Architects Engineers Quantity Surveyors Construction Supervisors Foremen

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Custom Design, Engineer & Construct

Our treasured team of brilliant engineers are prepared and fully equipped to take on designing your construct within your budget

Property development Finance Package

Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC and Hatton National Bank are two of the giants in the financial sector in Sri